Point of Contact

Two points
two utter wholes
have come to meet

Both see at once
the positive and negative
seeking, always seeking
for the ultimate in truth

like magic in the making
or stars becoming happiness
for finally they see
the truth's creative fantasy
as real

in life
the product of imagination
in mind
enveloping the intellect

in effects that are seen
and taken in
within the sparkling luminescence
of fireworks within the night

or Poseidon's glowing kingdom
at the bottom of the sea
where the waves of all eternity
are born

as we become a work of art
in form of light
as point meets point
and starts to form a wave

alive within the source
of all imagination
beyond sensation's fascination
feeling, truly feeling everything

until we know beyond a doubt
that love is real
and life itself
lies in this feel
of loving hearts
that come to meet
at last. . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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