Point of Honor

Speak not your words so lightly
oh my friend
for words are the first stage
of spirit taking form

What ever happened to
the sense of honor and of dignity
with which the spoken word
was once imbued?

when, in honor, we would speak
only words that flowed
straight from the heart and soul
and no matter the degree
of difficulty or of ease
we stood behind the words
we chose to speak

Has our species grown so weak
and spoiled in its comfort
that we can no longer speak
with certitude?

where most will change their minds
with every passing mood
and then deny the promises once made
leaving honor for some other
day and time

and if the words we speak
just cannot be believed
how will honor come to be again
within the hearts of those
that now lack love?

for love and honor always walk together
like the best of friends
who always say just what they mean
and learn to dream their dreams together
even through the stormy weather of our times

How has love become so blind?
mere moments of hot passion spent
thrown aside with every passing pain
Lost - will love be found again?

How soon, my friend
until your passion
ends yet once again
and the promises you make
like whispers in a haze
just disappear?

just like the love that we once knew
in those days before you threw
it all away

and now you choose to live your life
built on the lies of yesterday
while you seek to blame the chaos
born within your heart
on someone else

Speak not your words so lightly
oh my friend
for words are the first stage
of soul's ascent
when, heaven-bent, we make
our dreams become reality

Can there be trust without honor
or honor without faith in spoken words?
or will words misused become
no more than wind
that blows invisibly
through all reality
yet not in form

and will the words you speak
remain no more than noise
heard in the background
of the life you build

as you hide behind
that cold and chilly
wall of intellect
convinced that no one
will suspect the truth
of feelings spent
on survival minus dignity
and heart


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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