What Great Hand...?

what matters now…?
when all the pre-formed rules
are shattered

as I search in measured urgency
for the threads of weave unraveled
creativity awakens
and my hands begin the greatest work of all

I must wonder now aloud
what patterns new made tapestry will form
as my hands weave unthinking
this new day being born…

possibility is brought to life
form emerges from the void
as thread by thread
a new vision is created

what great hand
guides the hand of the artist creating…?
what great mind
awakens such awareness…?

of the awful, awesome totality

while stars, as pulsing points of light
awaken darkest night of mind
and I know myself as one of them
within this vast design
reflected and reflecting every other

while this utter stillness
becomes the speed of light

and the light absorbs
the darkness of the mind
until at last, desire is filled
and all that I can do
is shine…

? Michaelette ?

Copyright Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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