Polar Opposites

Mournful joy awakening
in streams of freedom's tears
that seem to flood the atmosphere
speaking in a sob of all
that might have been complete,
if only love had been allowed to stream
through every vagrancy
of deep experience.

Focused diversion,
sensation ascending
deep within these cells of flesh
that seek to intermesh
the body with the heart
and mind and soul.

Antithetical pleasure
of pain once released;
gracefully, it speaks now
in a clarity of love
that streams in lightning flashes
that speak of visionary images
revealed out of time,
to please and thus appease society
into a mesmerizing pointed feel
of pure delight.

While dark and light appeal to magnetism,
hypnotizing eyes with sparkling sight
that reaches to the depth of all imagining
where daemons dwell
and oceans swell in gratitude
increasing every mood in decibels.

And the masculine is wont to enter in
to all that is most feminine
as extremities are found to be
the same in tones of ecstasy;
beyond the known of all division,
spinning visionary magic in the wake
of its impending and unaltering belief.

As all that we have known explodes
into a clarity of atmosphere
that breathes itself
through nights and days
of polar opposition
at once attracting and repelling
this one love that streams
through everything that is . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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