The Passion of Life

The dream is built upon desire
moving through the funnel's spout
as body moves, a flame, a fire
shines without a fear, a doubt

Passion comes from inner space
the golden nectar to replace
drunken gods and drunken men
as angels swoop and spin

and passion flows
between two souls
in moments of
eternal love

as the magic spell is spoken
for thesake of all the earth
the ties that bind are broken
and out spills meaning and the worth

of sun on peak, the frosty fire
the soul aflame with all desire
a mist on distant mountain peak
reflects the words the druid speaks

It is the only way to bring
the love of all to every thing
every word, every poem
every love song ever known

love, already whole
in body and in soul
Let the spirit show us how
This much I can see now:

the stag is standing by the stream
on isle of long-ago, a dream
and in its eye, I see the fire
of spirit's passion, not desire

approach him slowly, as you would
the gentle form of butterfly
Love. as every spirit should
and soul ascends through inner eye

let it go, to travel free
let it live, itself, to be
past all knowledge, all of life
creation once contained in strife

and that is all and that is none
from each and every only one
the web of life is now begun
in freedom, destiny is spun...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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