Precious One

Precious, precious little one
don't cry
instead just run outside

Let nature soothe
the many bruises
that your heart has felt this day

Feel the breeze
just whisk your cares away
and open to this day
of new beginnings

Begin to live your make-believe
for this dream of life is real
and it needs you to reveal
the love you feel

A love of new beginnings
beyond, before the pain
of loss and gain imposed
by a collective set of mind

Reach and touch and know your soul
even as you seek to grow
in soil that has been infected
by lack of wisdom's innocence

Become the flower blooming there
that feels the great intensity of sun
as the warmth of each regeneration
arises time and time again as life goes on

Just flow within this breeze
that in its dissipation eases
every stress created by division
and know, beyond a doubt
that as you grow your wings will sprout

and instinct teach you how to fly
and glide upon the higher tides of life
for you are the very soul
that each and every body longs to know

Remember now
don't e'er forget
this feeling that begets
an intuition

as imagination now creates
this new and stunning beauty
of all life becoming form
because of you . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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