A presence hovers
quite nearby
yet when I look
I can't quite see
the features of its form
but looking,
I can feel a gentle touch
as if a gentle summer breeze
swept down to kiss my brow

and in this touch
I sense much more
than experience of flesh alone
and I almost hear a gentle voice
that calls me to come home

Home - and heartbeat stirs
for in this little word
lies comfort sought
through years of my unknowing
a place where I might just belong
in concordance of the many forms
that others see in me

when a tingling runs up my spine
becoming swells of rhythm, rhyme
and words upon the wind are sung
Listen! Hear the angels strum
enchanting melodies
that blend and surge
and speak of what it means to be alive
in joy beyond imagining

as just this suddenly, I see
and know beyond a doubt
that this presence that I sense
is somehow really me . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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