I feel your pain
even as I cry
these tears with you
yet what more can I do?
as I lie helplessly encased
within this base
born of your pain

entombed within the womb
of all you cling to
even now
your past mistakes
that should have been undone

that still await your movement
here in time
before these wounds
might ever start to heal

and I wonder if the sun
will ever reach the depths
of all the mourning
you refuse to do
or the air of spring arise
to refresh the stale air
of this enclosure

I feel your pain
yet I remain
in hopeless solitude
even as your every mood
is felt within

Desperate now
I call your name
yet you remain
just out of reach

somewhere upon a lost and lonely
deserted beach of yore
never hearing how
my heart implores
an end to all
your endless guilt and shame

Please tell me when
you might again
allow love to prevail
and free you from
this endless vale of tears


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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