Primal Beat

Primal beat
the flesh responding
heart racing to the beat
of movement that repeats
without an end.

Insatiable, this lust
that has no trust in gentleness;
yet even as we seem to reach
the brink of pure exhaustion,
another world opens out;

For flesh responds,
glistening in moisture's movement
within sensation that completes
both heart and mind and soul
just feeling its way through it all.

And no matter what we say or do,
this flesh is what we are
and even running, rushing tides
cannot take us far from this
the utter base of our reality.

Therfore, we move
we must just trust
allowing instinct now and then
to choose the curve, the bend
and thus the path of our survival

As the moment of our soul's arrival
expands into our emptiness
filling full the chalice of all being;
freeing all potential
to the highest of degrees.

Another dawn -
oh, pure enlightenment!
for all I am keeps moving
in this dance of its completion
beating slow and fast and in between.

Ah then - the pause
of quiet centered stillness
the center of each center of each cell
when you and I become just one
primal beat in sync with all that is . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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