Primal Beat Repeating

Primal beat repeating
in this day reborn again
of the night before tomorrow ever comes
a flash of light awakening the dawn
within a roar, a scream
a tender-worded melody
repeated now in shadows
clearly glowing on the wall
for one cannot exist
except within the silvery mists
that touch right to the core of all we are

and so we move,
until our movement seems replete
when every need is filled to overflowing
yet just when all seems said and done
a gush, a rush, a running stream
repeats again the primacy of life
within another realm of locomotion
for movement never really has
an end or a beginning
and stillness is no more than a decision
of illusionary powers of the mind

and then, just then
within a seeming momentary
peace of deepest sleep
a messenger arrives
winged sandals fly through skies
to speak of great divinity
that wishes now to enter into thee

That twinkle in your tight-shut eyes
within the silent nod of your assent
is all he needs to wing his way
now heaven-bent through thee
as mercury becomes an iris
ever opening out to star-strewn skies
where lullabies sing softness into wind
and gales become mere whales
within the deep of oceanic swells

There, eyes of great imagining
have taught the winged creatures of the air
to swim through skimpy heights of pure delight
just as your twin alights now, center stage
completing the unending hues of multiples
within a unity of realms beyond division
to settle in the syncopated rhythm of it all
no longer found in silent mystery
but expressed within this primal beat
repeating endlessly
the pure and unadulterated
primal life of all divinity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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