The Birth of a Prince

The dark prince lay in his crib, just staring
at the ceiling, never daring
to play with childish innocence.
He never knew benevolence

of loving mother, nurturance.
He lay enclosed, his crib the fence.
Contained in such a small, cold place
knew arrogance from motherís face.

She felt he was above them all.
Ingrained, this image would enthrall
his life, his love, his very being
relationship would send him fleeing

to the prison built within
in matrix born of motherís sin.
He was uncaring, cold as ice;
numbness was his paradise

feeling was his greatest vice
yet loving people would entice
the little boy that hid inside
to dare to view the world wide

and wondered why he was alone
and why he feared the aged crone
embedded in his mind. This image
would make him wince on linear edge

of abyss dark, implying death
if he dared move, or take a breathe.
He took to drink to ease the pain
to blur the image, entertain

the child inside who hungered for
the freedom hidden at the core
of spirit that had been suppressed.
His drinking served rebellions quest

till he became addicted to
the god of wine. What would undo
this habit born of suffering
what sacrifice, what offering

would appease this god whoís strength
dissolved the bars and showed the length
and breath and width and height of soul
and caused a golden chime to toll

that led to the impending thoughts
of his sweet deathís unending draught.
Not knowing that he could be free
to live his life, his destiny.

Entangled in a web of lies
his life was lived within disguise
of intellectual sanity
with outer face of vanity

but still that small voice called to him
to fill the cup of love within.
The unspoken longing drew him towards
the rending of the inner cords

that had held his life in bounds
of veiled image swirling round
the genuine reality
of long misguided fealty.

Within his dreams a vision came
a female image, loving, tame
who spoke to him in wisdomís voice
and told him that he had a choice

of each and every movement, action
and made him see his blind reaction
of learned compliance to the force;
she led him back to image, source

of continued whisper in his ear.
She said he must confront his fear
of wicked female image, form
and this was how he could transform

his goddess image and complete
the heroís task, the might feat
of slaying dragon, to discover
within the dragon slept his lover

and with this dream his vision cleared.
He took a stand, the dragon reared
and threatened once again to end
the influence of his new found friend.

But just this once, he stood his ground
and willed the death of dragon found
in deepest reaches of his mind
and saw his prison's chains unwind

as dragonís image faded, blent
into a vision, heaven sent
of inner marriage to his soul
and with this image feeling stole

into his heart, the feel of love
came down and opened from above
his prison walls and so set free
his spirit, born of harmony

? Michaelette ?

Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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