Promises, Promises

Is it the truth, or make-believe...?
the promises made before they leave
They promise all to get their way
then their wind-blown promises blow away...

Some part of me longed to believe
but a deeper part, the truth perceived;
that even when I did my share
the promised end died, cold and bare

to grow with unbelief that spawned
a doubt that grew as darkness dawned
and left the truth so often sought
‘neath pile of lies the elders brought.

Promises made but seldom kept
as hopes and wishes all were swept
beneath the weave of worn out rug
while deep inside their lies would tug

at tender heartstrings, out of tune
to respond with a sad cry as a loon
in the far off sky
his lonely cry

in search of love, companionship
alights on lonely landing strip
waiting for companion’s call
or perched upon a desolate wall

he listens, longing for a friend
to take the wounds of distance, mend
the ties that ought to bind us near
that stretched and broke through lying years

as childhood trust was bent and broken
and left us without hope or token.
Their lies became our disbelief
formed in time as ocean’s reef

Lie upon lie builds a solid wall
to hide behind, and huddle, small;
a lonely child of loveless birth
whose eyes have never seen the worth

whose ears have never heard the song
or mind perceived the right as strong
Gentle, mild, fearful, bent
until one day an angel sent

a surge of loving energy
that stole o’er wall, alive and free
and played a song of truth and trust
providing movement, force and thrust

and the child sprang to the top of the wall
and stood as a loon, so straight and tall
deciding one must take a chance -
then the child and the loon began to dance

a mythic dance of magic sway
and as the dawn brought light of day
the loon became an angel fair
seen through eyes that finally dared

to take the leap in spite of fear
o’er wall that seemed so tall, so sheer
To find an angel waiting there
How can we live so unaware

of spirit’s realm, so warm, so true?
The elders, silent, never knew
the pain they caused in anguished time
They spent their lives afraid to climb

the inner walls or slopes or reaches
to where the wisdom gently teaches
of love and trust and truth abiding
just beyond the wall where they lay hiding

They die there, never having tasted
the sweetness of a long life wasted
and in their death they leave behind
their progeny of same sick kind

Reinforced through years and years
of unkept promises, uncried tears
this core belief, invisible
seems total, indivisible

It takes a leap of faith to find
a meaning of a different kind;
a truth as deep as untruth learned
as the page in the life of a man is turned...

Words paint sweet pictures in our mind
while in reality we never find
the feelings that can match the dream
until we touch the flowing stream

of grace that only angels send;
of healing as the love descends
to heart so long in need of this
the healing touch of spirit’s kiss...

? Michaelette ?

 Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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