Protean, the memory
of life before all time began
coming into ever-changing form
as a streak of sun upon the morn
of oceans in incessant movement
and there it danced
joyously upon the waves
lighting all the earth with fire's light

Beyond, before a fear
was born of mortal mind
it even dared the depths
to find its way into and through
the very heart of this creation
and still returns to tell the tale
of its adventure

Even now, within a starlit night
clouds hovering around the moon
the wind will sigh and sing a tune
of myth enhanced by its retelling
reveling in all that life can hold
within its innocence and its sensation

and this breeze
still a bit chill with winter's memory
sings in utter harmony
seeking, always searching for a voice
that in destiny beyond a choice
must recreate these images in words
perchance to bring its dreams
tumbling once again into reality

Protean, the need
of these ever growing seeds
of its creation


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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