Pure Ebony

Ebony calling the night into play
Stars streaking madness that echoes within
the deepest sense in clarity of light - and still we fall
deeper and deeper, the higher we fly
becoming the stars that adorn the dark sky

as visions of the dreamworld
swirl and spin in fated harmony
where rhythm rhymes in counter-chimes
as paradox within a centered point
of growing symmetry

and the moon looks down
upon a gown of icy white and warms
the heart, the soul, the growing whole
of what we term humanity
while a weave of gossamer transforms

a tapestry composed of preset norms
reblending colors into hues
of sparkling cerulean skies
in one soft hum of vast vibration
that speaks of all that is - within one tone

high and piercing, reaching from the root
the core of realms we've only known as evermore
where roaming mists of magic fill the air
and ebony becomes no more than just
a backdrop for the stars to glitter on

contrasting low and high with up and down
light growing with each felt sensation
reaching in and pulling out the best
as mystery reveals itself anew
within a sense of great potential

as ebony becomes a sea
that powers the hours of light
now held so dear within reality
yet the darkness knows
of what is spoken here

and dares to find the words to say it all
while consciousness will rise and fall
but never settle for one simple ray
still reaching for the centerpoint of light
found only in the darkness
of the purest ebony . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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