Pure Intention

Love is all emotion
yet love contains no fear
as it floats within an amber tear
that dissipates within the air
for love is soul that's drawing near
to its completion

and love is joy unbound
that only can be found
around emotion
in hearts alive and flowing free
as mind is now allowed to be
heart's intimate companion

and too, this love is light enough
to stir an endless summer breeze
and there within that ray of sun
that dances on the waters of the pond
expanding as a heart will beat
sure and steady when we sleep
within this ever-living stream of all that is
it glides as smooth and easy as a bird
that's caught another current of pure air

and there!
how much more clear can loving be?
than the perfection of
that rose of white just opening
passing quickly to eternity
yet leaving beauty as a memory
impressed into infinities of mind
by the purity of its intention

or there, within each soul ascended
that watches still
o'er all that is most intimate
and dear to hearts
of even angels falling from the sky
as love that whispers on the wind
urges it to sing these lullabies
that ease us into sleep
and dreams tomorrow into form
by no more than just the will
of pure intention . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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