Pure Poetry in Motion

In her mind's eye, there he stands
in all his splendid natural beauty
on a stump of a tree
arms spread wide and free
in a forest of ole' laid-back Arkansas

She kneels now before him
about to sing his praises
to the heavens with her sighs
as she somehow flows together now
becoming living form
abiding in all realms at once
from earth to sun and back again
invisible yet oh, so real
the feel of all they are

and he comes alive
in the forest, and in her
in full control of all the power
of his masculinity
even as he reaches down
to take her head
so gently in between his hands
to guide her up
as he comes gently down
to meet her mouth with his
And oh, this kiss must last forever

He senses still, her need of him
within this kiss forever taking form
and so he lies her gently down
to rest upon dew-colored grasses
in an early morning Colorado high

Aspen leaves are singing
in a clarity of breeze
as he deigns to break his fast with her
and her alone this time
and the goddess felt beneath her
rises up now
to enclose their glowing forms

She moans the sweetest
sultry tone he's ever heard
and her sighs reach up
to touch the skies
seeking only utterance
upon this mighty wind of being
that gently blows
through forests round the world
exposed now in a natural wondering awe

and in nature's cyclic, loving ways
they drift through endless days of love
becoming more and more the tone
and process of pure poetry in motion
as level by level and step by step
they reach yet again
for the height and the depth
of utter creativity in form
and thus the stars are born
within the skies

then his sun lies safely hidden
'neath the clouds of her creation
for mother nature understands
this need for utter privacy
and earth, in all her children
lies quiescent now
incubating yet more seeds of fantasy
while some part of him still stands, in awe
on a stump in laid-back Arkansas
awaiting reclamation
and rebirth . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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