Pure Revelation

I swear I hear pure revelation
hidden there within your voice
as the ocean roars in primal screams
upon the shores of souls meandering
through time and space and distance
within the flowing grace of love's esteem

and too, within
a breaking up and breaking out
of yesterdays that simply cannot
fill these hazy days of dreams again
for fantasy has fractured
all the make-believe of silent need
and screams itself awake in wakes
that shake the timbers of the walls
as nakedly we play the rhythm
beating in our veins

when a touch of icy cold breaks in
attempting to turn fire into ice
yet only finds itself a melted glory
in a memory of frozen glades
that yesterday refuses to repeat again
for magic glides on high and reaches
down beneath the hardened surfaces
of all that stands between these realms
of utter majesty and even there
so deep beneath the sea,
insisting it become reality

not simply in a voice or word or thought
nor even in a heavenly drought
that streams in momentary visions
but here within this flesh of loving form
to be reborn in time and space and distance
and here within equations without end
where paradox begins to dance
enhanced, within itself again
like sprites of light that meet all water
within a joyous symmetry of moving wind

when skin responds within the feel
of utter pleasure, induced to ecstasy
all within the revelation heard
in one sheer tone of clarity
now come to be pure revelation
of it all . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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