Quantum Leap

Take the jump, a quantum leap
from here into the everything
then settle down and feel, just feel
the energy of spring arising
filling all that's in between
the here and there

Follow and you'll come to know
the very seeds in incubation
there beneath the melting snow
as from potentiality
this energy will grow
from something imperceptible
into a flower that glows
in living colors of the summer's sun

Listen to the birds on high
who sing the joy of freedom's flight
become the patterns of their wings
that glisten so when touched with light
creating harmony within their motion
and a symphony within the sound
of voices that resound in unison

Then slip silently, when day is done
releasing tension spun within the day
into a scent of lilacs drifting sweet
into the open window near your bed
to ease you into sleep
where spirit leaps yet once again

into the dream of everything
that life becomes
and just upon awakening
to another dazzling dawn
pause, yet once again and truly feel
the many gifts that life makes real

without purpose, without goal
without a thought, or strain, or toll
but merely for the joy of its creation . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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