Quest of Ancient Beauty

Enticing sounds
these siren voices calling
whispering through the air
and o'er the seas
that come in with the tide
as salty-sweet, the breezes stir

They speak of Earth
and her remembering
times of ancient glory
when all the world was new
and tall green grasses blew
across her fields

when the gods became
an everlasting pattern
born of dreams she'd spun
implanted in the form of her awareness
seeking the intensity of form

and still we feel their power
running through our consciousness
in sheer vitality of life unfolding
as the earth moves
to express their every mood
through all she is

and she is those ancient forms
of unicorns that roamed
and dragons breathing flames
of infinite intensity
into the skies

and she is Pan
that leads the maidens
through desire to know
the reality of deep sensation
uttering vibrations
of unending ecstasy

and too she is
the feel of all that's in between
emotions building in intensity
flowing through the heart
to come to be
the ever living fantasy
that fuels every dream
of love to burn
impressions into every heart
in memory and at the core of her


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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