Visionary moments
the feeling of eternity
as future plants the seeds
of new tomorrows
where stardust falls
and dragons roar unheard
yet still their roar is deafening
to ears that seldom hear
the voice of truth they need

A goddess weeps
this too into the silence
of a cold, dark winter night
yet who that sleep will ever know
the passion stirred and shred
within her endless tears?

for even Zeus, that god of mighty gods
has given in to the demands
of hearth and home, and Hera's throne
controlled and thus erected
by all the fear of nature
that she seems to hold so dear
as she mothers and then smothers
each child that comes to her
seeking, ever seeking, to be free

What is this need? This craving
unforgiven, unrelenting and esteemed
that seems to bring all power to its knees
exceeding even lightning's blasts
once thought to bring enlightenment
to brighten all the darkness of pure being
while power floats, adrift and still unguided
through channels that some think
they still control

It almost seems as if, within this need
so pure, instinctive, unexpressed
a full grown man becomes an embryo
seeking once again a mother's love
that he might grow into a man again
each time that romance enters in
to quixotic episodes of life's endurance

But is this truly love? These moments
just when touch becomes the feel
of all emotion, finally set free to be itself
within the depths of embryonic fluid
that only comes of all that's feminine
created and creative, yes, but more
enhancing and enchanting each emotion's form
still rising from the core of all he is

And more than this, one must explore
the reaches still left undiscovered
where just a kiss becomes the known
quixotic feel of all infinity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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