Double arch
two rainbows in the sky
flying high in unison of distance
separated up above
while circling complete
around and underneath
our vision's span

What can our eyes believe
that feeling cannot speak
from heart so wise
that sees with eyes of soul?

Warm sunshine in the frosty air
dancing in delight of life and light
brings the hues of rainbows bright
into the scope of our reflection

to touch, to know, the whole
Intimate, this vast experience
in grace of lights that dance
within the intimate and personal

then dancing on
beyond our understanding
becoming all and nothing
in its stance

Rebellious in its incongruity
yet free to be
beyond the preconceived
of uniform belief

advancing past the ordinary
habit of our days
and here within the interplay
of every hue imagined
a mystery at last unveils itself

as double, triple, infinite
the arch becomes the unity
of life lived in the harmony
of all extremes

? Michaelette?

Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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