There and gone
a flash of inspiration
Yet will we take the time
to make it ours?
by opening our heart and mind
to its feel of gift and grace
before it passes on
to unknown reaches

We ponder and we pose
We watch as others flow
in and out of our existence
and learn to close ourselves
to every new affect
that they might bring

somehow believing
that we've learned just everything
we'll ever need to know
even as our spirit seeks to show
us just one moment of experience
in its entirety

Yet there are reaches to be climbed
beyond the part of mind
that thinks it knows
and that kind of knowing
only goes so far

travelling in limitation
through tunnels built
of pre-set answers
set in static form
before the dawn
of our awareness came to be

passed on by other minds
that never knew the glory
in a drop of morning dew
just come to life within a ray of sun
or the rainbows thus created
to span entire worlds and galaxies
in their expansion of pure unity

There is a power lying there
beneath and yet above
permeating all that's in between
that spans the vast and everlasting
reaches of a heart and soul
that, like the sun and dew
have learned to love

There, within a point
almost too small to be seen
where water and pure light
meet and join and rise to be
beauty come to life
within eternity

So too, within a life
a point will come to be
when all that we have left to do
in life is just to live
as completely as our heart
and soul allow


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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