Reaching Out

The mist upon the water lies
o'er pond just where the earth
reaches out to touch the sky
and I wonder, why can't I?

Disconnected from the rest
by so much more than time or space
alone upon a crowded avenue
imagining a wider point of view

to feel threads seeking, reaching out
while silence echoes, full of doubt

until we met
and all that we had known ourselves to be
became, somehow, complete
in our asymmetry

Light sparkled
created in the meeting of our minds
as if in recognition
and we find

something so familiar
draws us to the other side
dream-like in its essence
an entity that cries

to be allowed its own existence
sparkling in luminescence
Will we speed its growth or let it fade away?
Can we know it in the light of day?

an essence of pure quality
in illusive synchronicity
that brings all opposites to meet
and guides the mind that guides the feet

to walk, just now, in this direction
to seek the varied implications
searching for illusive meaning
ever flowing, ever streaming

but now, at last, within our reach
the heart and soul will teach
lessons ever being born
as what we knew of mortal form

explodes into pure particles of light
dancing in and out of mortal sight
in mystery and magic, their fruition
becomes a truth of intuition

like the mist upon the water
reaching out to touch the sky
evaporating in the reason why…

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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