Reality in Form

When whole meets whole
each in its entirety
and one allows themselves
to open to an other
oh, the magic that is born
in the confines of mere mortal form

Vibrations moving, ever changing
blending and arising yet again
the same, yet somehow more
than one alone can ever be
as the chemistry of new vibrations
rings in chords composed of harmony
that echo through eternity
returning then increased
in scope and density

Beloved companion
heart of my heart
where are you in this night
of incompletion?

Still I search for thee
on the winds of all eternity
of time and space and mind
yet still you hide yourself away

Even as the wind
blows so enticingly
and there within its motion
echoing, a still small voice is heard

Faintly now, it whispers on the wind
saying only, always just one thing
Intense the tones of
"Wait for me…"

But oh this flesh is hungry
and oh, this soul's desire
cannot be quenched
with you so far away

and this fire of desire
speaks so clearly in the feelings found
within the dark of night
when minds of others sleep
and soul is free

searching for the touch
of just one other whole
that has reached and come to know
this point of its entirety
that lives and loves
and feels the meaning of
this love's continuance
in time and space

This need runs deep
and flies so very high
while centered here within
a heart that seeks to find the love
within a form that needs to revel in
the miracle of life becoming

This gift, this grace
of ecstasy and awe and joy
as whole meets whole - entirely
Is it from up above
or down below?

More and more it seems to be
the flow of life itself
as we achieve
the resonance and harmony
of all that's in between

Two as one
as love becomes
doubled in intensity
reaching for reality in form


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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