Reality in Form

Mercurial, a silver cord
changing, ever rearranging
its creation
and the world is reborn
with every soul
that dares to flow
within its silver streams

alive and so bold
that silver and gold
become one
within this flowing stream
of dream's creation

A particle becomes a cell
and every cell reveals
a totality of form
that lives and breathes
in seeming memories
of past and future reveries

and karma is no more
than a withering door
that was closed so long ago
it simply dissipates
within its linear lines of mind

while structures come and go
and webs are spun and blown away
in ephemeral fantasies
that never seem to really
reach reality

Reality of form
that lives to stand beside you
in this, the true reality of love
that dares to make
its dream of  dreams come true

Reality of touch that stays
forever in a memory of heart
to beat in sync
with just one other heart
that cares enough
to come alive and dares
to make love real . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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