Realm of Dreams

The truth at last came out
a tale of completeness
beyond the pleas of innocence
and ignorance so often used
as an excuse

A tale of intent
beyond the games that meant
no more than selfish wins
as spirit winds blew clean
and clear and strong
through nights of healing
always found in deepest sleep
within our dreams

The night is cruel and kind
as are we all
The truth of dreams unbiased
by our attitudes of mind
and always can we find
the thread of truth
running through and through
the starry, sometimes scary climbs
of spirit's narrative

as shadow lands illuminate
what we so often fear
and scenes behind the mirrors
that we display within the day
begin their play
of so much more than rhapsody

for soul would have us see
and know our secrets as our own
that we guard so endlessly
there within the deep
of what we try to keep at bay
through all the days
of moral habit born of mind

yet seeking we can always find
the truth
in the raw emotion loosed
in deepest night
when we sleep, perchance to dream
of all we might have been
and all that we might yet become

if at last we own
the shadows hidden
deep within the realm
of all we are


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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