Myth and Magic


Dream a dream
of destiny
Float upon the stream
of ever moving fantasy

To travel to the edge, the brink
just click below on any link
and allow the feeling to transcend
the bonds that never seem to end

Enter if you dare
but oh, my friend, beware!
For the heat of the fire
awakens desire

and that is truly when
your infinite journey begins...

Alf, the baby dragon

 A Dragon
 Witch's Brew
 Into the Ten
 The Full
 Divine Child
 Cup of Life Divine
 Around the Bend
 To Give
 The Pain
 Oh Magic, Magic
 Royal Splendor
 God's Lullaby
 Turn Into Day
 The Chemistry of Magic
 Imagined Land
 Totality in Form
 Source of Inspiration
 Playful Fantasy
A Voice Is Bared
 Fiery Breath
The Second Coming 
 Steam Rising
 Symbols in the Dream
 Lands of Mist
 The White Wolf
 The Little Lost Faery
 The Eagle Flies
 Cycles of the Moon
 Love Speaking
 Ancient Dreams
 Golden Dragon
 Power of Mercy
 Living Grace
 Dawn of a New Millennium
 What Is Desire?
 Light of Life
 Father of Creation
 Swift and Daring
Shadow of the Moon
 The Power of Speech
The Turning Point
 Knight in Shining Armor
 Myth or Reality...?
 Life Itself
The Passion of Life
 Beloved Muse
 As Eros Plays
 Thief in the Night
 The Feminine
 Floating Free
 Stonehenge from the Air
 Ancient Stone
 Utter Silence
 To Flight Again
 The Sphinx
 Test of Strength
 Heading for the Stars
 Red Roses, Black Satin
 For Real
 White on White, A Unicorn
 A New Myth
 Peaks and Valleys
 Beyond Remembering
 Dream Fulfilled
 Source of Creation
 Night Eternal
 Give and Take
Magic in the Air
 Magic Flight
Mythic Proportions
 Dance of Love
 Realm of Fae
 Soul Who Dares
 The Other Side
 We Are Children
 In Suspension
 Truth of One
 We Are Won
 Beauty Being Born
 Night Descends
 The Endless Flame
 The Tease
 Between Hearbeats
 Beyond the Flesh
 Light in the Darkness
 A Child Born
 Children of the Universe
 The Alchemist
 Wounded Healer
  Breach of Faith
 Beyond Belief
 Valhalla (an inner perspective)
   A Voice Divine


 Seven Veils
 The Ballerina
 Be Careful
 This Way
 Priestess of Avalon
 Isis Unveiled
 Live to Breathe a Dream
 Beyond the Taboo
 Dance of Joy
 Alternate Reality
 Collecting Magic
 Sacred Grove
Beyond the Day
 Eros and Psyche
 Divine Child
 Goddess of the Moon
 To Be Real
 Enchantment and Emotion
 Waking of Day
 We Can Choose
 Dark Night of the Soul
 Dragons Reborn
 The First Man
The First Storm of Spring
 Long Deserted Street
 The Warrior
Baby's Breathe
 A Modern Work of Art
  The Devil Within
 Royal Jester
  Seed of Desolation
  The Fourth Dimension
  The Birth of a Prince
  A Lady
 The Midas Touch
  Goddess Awakening
 Goddess Emerging
 The Christmas Season
 Eternal Voice

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All Rights Reserved
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