as if field of force surrounded
solitary figure stares
mesmerized in shadows glare

Leaving one soul there, alone
within cocoon of the unknown
unable to reach out and touch
the world at large. No love, no trust

can find its way within the womb
of darkness shrouding all with gloom
while memories of better days
spin unbidden in the haze

Archetypal power isolating
lonely soul within is waiting
for the freedom of release
when at last the force will cease

to taunt and torment lonely soul
until, one day a beauty stole
into the prison of the mind
mingling, that one soul find

the feel of warmth that comes along
when one soul finally belongs
Integral part of cosmic whole
within archetypal realm of soul

as if an angel saw the plight
of loneliness and sent to flight
the image of reclusive force
and tracked the soul, the center, source

to fill this heart with living love
streaming from a realm above
as one hand slowly reaches out
begins ascent from mired doubt

reclaiming right to touch, relate
and with that one touch, to create
etheric bridge that can become
a network leading all to one

Where once the pain would separate
now energy released can sate
the fire, burning of desire
and spiral climbing ever higher

reclaims control as one heart soars
through newly opened inner door
with wider view, perception brings
the knowledge born as spirit sings

the song creating everything
with love

? Michaelette ?

Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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