Then the sky begins to clear as clouds
drift off to other time and space
and trust in life again allows
this mortal frame to feel the grace

as fawn appears, just out of reach
looks up and trusts, its eyes will teach
that heart and mind, the body, soul
are each connected to the whole

of energy, creation of the dance
of life, if we just take the chance
and birds compose a lullaby
in answer to the question - Why

is beauty born
in every form
with love

while the scent of pine drifts on the air
in soft, sweet movement as we dare
to crest the clouds and warm the earth
in continuous and bold rebirth

as nature nurtures everything
I hear the awful silence sing
the sweetest song, now recomposed
as love of life's disclosed

Copyright 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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