In this process of recycling my soul
I must let go of all I used to know
and that means you
and all your cycles of dependency

and so this night
of ever ending memories
completes itself
as I let go of you completely

May these winds
the very breath of life
now streaming pure and clear
be blown by my intent
back into the everything
and bring to all of life
the sense and the sensation
of the completion we all seek

and may our memories, in time
bring us back to all the love
that we once knew as true
that came to be
within those moments
of all life that lives itself
within the innocence
that brought our life to being
before the fall of blind belief
that so many came to know as true
now forming and reforming
in this essence of recycling

that stands so strong and safe
just in between the yours and mine
for all the ills that were conceived
within your fear's illusion
have finally reached the stage
of their completion

and so I let them go
right here, right now
within this instance
born again of cosmic spin
the one and only place and space
where love begins eternally

and this forever born again
finds a need to reach and touch
your inner worlds
just one more time

but only in the climbs
that speak between
the you of yours
and mine of mine

forever sorting all that is
into the one reality
of truth that speaks
within the voice
of all awakening

as I find again
the truth of all enlightenment
composed of love
that spans and thus unites
the eons of the mind
of all composure
to move and breathe
the life of all of time . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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