Red-Tinted Gold

Can you feel it yet...? That scream still
building there inside of you; pushing
ever harder on the edges of your bland
reality. Believe, oh yes, believe, that you
can hold it in forever. Refuse to feel the
ruffled feathers; swallow all the angry
words. Lay low, abide, just hide away;
they'll never know just what you really
feel inside.

Watch the bubbles bursting one by one.
See the pretty colors being spun into
a whirlwind of chaos sweeping through.
Know that you have played your part
as everything you knew becomes
appended. Oh, sweet release, the
storm has finally broken o'er the arid
lands of time.

And like a sweeping sheet of satin,
stained the night before by maiden's
blood, it leaves its mark upon eternity.
Make no mistake, it marks you too.
For all you choose to say and do
will have a different ring about it now -
red-tinted gold...

...and blood ran down the pillar gilded
of the finest ore of all - seeping, weeping
its way through the tides of life in time...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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