The tempests of time
are created of mind
that moves just out of tune
with its awakening

Should we fight the feel
of love becoming real
and choose to live
within the past
of warring opposition?

Many now, the warriors
that very simply can't define
the turn of mind
each battle brought to life

Caring only that
the multitude approves
their every mood
yet never able to define
their individuality
within a source sublime

Variant, ideals of kings
controlling by an iron hand
to take a stance imperial
yet perplexed by lack of zeal
for their golden rules
of mere conformity

but conformity is less and less the norm
in spirit born into these forms of flesh
and battles raged too far, too wide, too long
now seek for spirit's song beyond the call
of a duty that was never really theirs at all
a duty that creates no more than death
in depth of basic instincts
that humanity has surely grown beyond

Shall we kill at a command...?
in fear of vagrant reprimands
pouring forth in streams of past
that cut and wound
at every level of the heart

Shall we seek to pulverize...?
each ideal of the heart and mind
that lives and breathes
in synchronicity
with all that is

then tell me this
why would anyone choose...?
to expand these moods
of murderous destruction
when the seeds of all creation
lie here within our reach
and in our hearts

The time has come
to step beyond
the murderous intentions
of affects that at best
still live within a past
yet unredeemed
of despots' reckoning
for utter power and control

Is this truly what we wish
to pass to future generations...?
these neurotic, blind beliefs
that warring minds
inculcated within time's creation
have conceived?

Can't you feel the future beckoning?
as harmony succeeds division
and seeks to heal every separation
begun within the yours and mine
that is ending in this time
of love's astounding revelation

I pity all of those
who cannot feel the real
even as the real becomes
a feel of love's regeneration
but this time round
aware of mind that lives
and breathes all hearts
to utter being. . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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