Strange, these intimate and infinite incongruities
that draw us close to only push us back again
into ourselves, where unaware, we grow
affected now by someone else's soul
each time we dare to take the plunge
yet these moments that at first seem bliss
can become no more than differences
ever growing to a more that is the same
matured somehow, in evolution's wake
while still, this love we feel is what's at stake

We enter in, to one another
completely and entirely
and then the flow goes on
for we must come back home
and leave yet once again
while moment by moment
this love must sustain
even the greatest of departures
and this incongruence must rise
higher than the skies of yesterday's illusion
not to flee, or run away, but rather
that these skies remain our home

to have, to hold, to roam into tomorrow
where love remains the one known verity
felt in every particle and wave that carries on
as today, tomorrow, yesterday
become more of the same
where love flows free in harmony
allowing everything to be itself

Yet how desperate seems the scope of hope
brought all that seems no more
than just an end
for pure trauma finds itself in separation
and duality exceeds itself within the complex
schemes of its expansive nature
unraveling, rebuilding endless tapestries
within the weave of motion's symmetry
that tells the tale of all that is
in bits and pieces we might someday come
to understand and thus imbue with utter love

Oh, savage beauty of this
landscape known as life
where natural vicissitudes
can dance and come together
all within one system
that expands to just contract
once more beating hope into
one great eternal heart that beats
in rhythm that now seeks
to rhyme within the everything that is

Waves beating, lapping, melting then
into the sands of utter being
wet with love of all it never knew before
an embryonic state of openness
before all closure comes
just when the tide reverses its effects
and bleeds the sand back to the sea again

relating in an ominous black swirl of the unknown
where once relaxed, the wave just simply moves
each particle of sand, from one place to another
allowing variation in the greatest need of all
that of creation in the essence of one need
to live and thus enable life to love itself
into its ever-changing destiny of form

A calm descends just then
as one lowly, only oyster
chooses to respond to something knew
and takes this sand, so lost and so forlorn
into itself, containing the most startling change of all
as the luster of a pearl is born within its incubation
Such utter satiation in the feel of a creation!

When a fisherman, adrift upon this sea of calm
and seemingly unending waves of beauty
casts his net, and hoists the clam aboard
to another type of shore that floats itself
out into the sea and back to land again
where this newly opened oyster
drops its pearl upon the sand

and lovers stroll then, hand in hand
as the sun beats warmth into the land
sparkling upon the sea, and catching
all the harmony of colors caught within
one pearl of being that then simply must
become a part of all the love it feels
for one man perceives pure beauty
in the form of his true opposite
gently placing it within his lover's hand
she that dares to open all she is to him
never knowing what change
might transpire by her choice,
in every act of this, her opening

yet as one particle, one grain of sand
completes itself
within a vaster system of complexity
in reaction to another way of life
they too must change and grow
for each act, each choice, each opening
of ever closing systems within being
affects all destiny and
all of life within relationship
while drifting toward
another unknown mystery . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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