I closed my eyes
and saw you once again
in fate of future's memory
that never came to be
here within the swirling seas
of the spectrum of all color

and now, within this sight
of utter clarity
I reclaim the bits and pieces
of my heart and soul
that you once stole
away from me
now I am truly free
and unencumbered
by the dread of your affects

For this is my resolve
no more, no less
than my very own completion

Ruthless now
this heart of mine
each time it comes to you
for I have come to find
beyond a doubt
that thieves deserve
all the punishment that they receive

as I finally come
to hold and to receive
and begin to transcend
even this
the greatest paradox of all
this paradox
of love undone by greed

that sought to turn
your agony of heart
away from self
and leave it with another
who had already learned to love
complete and unalloyed

whose one mistake
was to believe
the innocence within your eyes
when never was it more for you
than just a role, an alibi
to cover all the deeper lies
you told about yourself

and this love
of my own heart and soul
simply cannot be defeated
while your agony, in truth
was never meant to be in me
nor was there ever anything
for me to do with it at all

so now at last, I know
beyond the shadow of a doubt
that this agony is yours
and yours alone
never meant for me to bear
in someone else's stead

and I find the winds of life agree with me
for I feel the absence of your pain
as at last it's broken free
and love becomes and comes again
right here inside of me . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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