Beautiful, yet hard as ice
love entombed in cold
only bold within the dark of night
when sights of phantoms
prowling in the dark
come to mask his apathy

He draws from them
the will to live another night
ghostly, ghastly - drinking blood
that life might flow through him
yet once again

Never really loved or loving
not entirely
the very femininity
that gave him life
and so he searched the night
for just the scent
of her sweet blood

Impersonal, the beat
of love within a heart
that is asleep
not quite heard
but felt in its intensity
dreaming dreams immense
of touch and feel and sense
that bring one naked to the light
of sun intensely burning
even as the fear arises

fear of the immense intensity
of focused rays
that play within the light of day
known to burn mere flesh to ash
but the beat was mesmerizing
and hypnotized by dazzling light
he finally fell

Would this descent
leave him helpless once again
tortured by the pain
that hid within the shadowed realms
of nightmare visions?

or for once and forever
would it finally turn back?
to again ascend to heights
yet unimagined
in tones now simplified
that vibrate through the whole
of life in form

and then, just when
he finally fell asleep
to dream of dreams' infinity
love came knocking at his door
a love so sweet and so complete
he knew the feel of evermore
in the reality of its existence

It flowed
glorious, as if the sun
had freed a mountain stream
from shards of ice
but what would be the price
of this free-flowing ecstasy?

Cursed, be each one
that tries to steal
a love of life he's yet to earn
within a heart now grown apart
from Her

yet blessed be
each heart that's true
and in its courage
steps right through
the many veils of mind's insanity
to find Her waiting there


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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