Return to Dreamtime

The magic is building
wind whispers as it comes
while mystery evolving into being
becomes a sacred fire built within
the dreamtime underlying everything

Days and nights are passing
as the planets realign
to bring the dreams of Avalon
drifting back to mortal time

The veils are becoming sheer
and if you look just so
into the nighttime sky
just when the moon is at a high

or then again at morn
when moon and sun are known
to shine as one
a net of shimmering magic will appear
for change is drawing near
so very near its chimes
can now be heard

Ultimate, ineffable
vibrations rise in decibels
as the spirit of the cosmos chants
all time and space into hypnotic trance
relieving and releasing
stagnant memories of days gone by
while bringing hidden knowledge to the fore

Ancient, these reverberations reach
from memories of races thought extinct
and traces form, like ghostly image
of all the lost and lone remembering
needing only to be seen and understood
as just a mood that passes through
within a series of recurring transformations

for psyche is the root of every living thing
taking form within the dreams of myth
alive and growing, always knowing
its source and its summation
as a dream that merely dreams itself awake

and consciousness expands
into a realm of living light
so beautiful it takes all breath away
yet in its stead are wonders
ever seeking ordering form
that can simply will it into being

while an alternate reality is merging
with every inner yearning put aside
as vast desire fires this creation
in ultimate artistic variation
of crystal castles, lighted prisms
reaching and creating
all infinity

and the many hues
the clouds of colors thus enchanted
reach and touch the very heart
of all that ever really mattered
particles that gather into waves
that reach and stretch
to touch, to be within
this dream of ever-streaming light
returning home . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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