Rhythm in the Night

Drums beating in the night
ever distant
ever drawing near
What is that sound I hear
above their beat?

as a mist arises
in the breath of a breeze
lighter than light
like moisture cooling
burning embers in the night
of our instinctual unknowing

Implicit sounds that prowl
the dark of night unseen
permeating everything
even all we seek
to keep at bay

as the nether worlds
reach out within this beat
where echoes of a heart
just seek to meet
its complimentary opposite
and then become the dance
that enhances every
other act of life

within the secrecy
of rhythms never seen
responding and fulfilling needs
that life itself demands
becoming motions
in the ocean of completion
even while our soul conducts
harmonics of the symphony
that leads to endless bliss
and that one eternal moment
of a life that loves it all


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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