Rhythm of Rain

There is rhythm
in this darkness now unfolding
speaking of the secrets
of all night

where stars are seen to shine
within a dance of flesh divine
surrendered now, completely
to pure motion

for all of life
is born to form
within love's locomotion
as complexities of mind
are all let go

and we simply move and breathe
the energy of summer's breeze
in warmth that brings
the ice to melt in flows
that turn to streams
of love in motion

Come to me, oh mystery divine
fly with me to heights yet unimagined
where clouds of color cloak
this innocent tenacity of motion
and all that can be felt or seen
are rainbows arching out
moving in the rhythm
of the gently falling drops of rain

Listen to the sweet refrain
of love now tapping
on your window pane
and know that in the starry skies
the you of you and I of I
still love . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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