Right Now

Soul speaks to us in subtleties
Will we ever apprehend
its magnitude
or variations in the mood
of its embrace?

It's not a voice that overwhelms
yet it is there in misty tones
we can't quite hear
until we stop and slow our breath
to listen to the silence
'tween the beating of our heart

Yet soul, too, can be pure pain
crying out to be released
from its imprisonment
as walls of fear enclose
its every effort to expose reality

but then again, it is the comfort
of the warmth of an embrace
the source of love that heals
and seems to keep us safe from harm

when wind and storm
increase life's pace into a gale
and time and mind prevail
as they reach to close us in

Soul can be a force of power
that stops us in our tracks
when the path we tread
might lead us to deny
emotions of the heart so wise

but soul will gently guide
us over to the other side
if only we would offer it
our hand in gentle motion
our love with heart's devotion
our mind in focus so intent
that all else fades away

yet soul is not a voice
that comes from other
nor is it any part
of who we are
for soul is whole

It knows the good and bad
that we contain
and the wounds that we sustain
when we dare to reach
for heights yet unimagined
in hope that someday, here in form
we can perceive the whole
from a view of particles
reborn within the waves
of all creation

where all we are can shine
and all we were remind us
of how long the road has been
and just how far we have to go
while standing strong and centered
in the one and only ever-loving moment
that we ever have - right now


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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