Right Out of Sight

The war begins
not for need or want
but simply for the sake
of doing battle

How will it ever end
if win and lose
are all we know?

The victim and the victimizer
the warrior that saves
by turning victimizers
into the very victims they create

and these cycles repeat
rarely daring to evolve
while spirit's voice is on the rise
and calls us to another battle
for the heart and soul
to break through the barriers
that mind alone imposes

Barriers of anger and of fear
that prove no more than this
that loneliness exists
within the mind alone
and then, in truth, it follows
that it is through the mind
that we must seek
our own release

but not for power's sake
oh no, that's where
that age-old battle goes
forever raging out
until it finally finds
an amplified simplicity

that loves each feel
of the inferior
right out of sight . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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