Rising High

They turn
and look into each other's eyes
vibrations rising high in resonance
at this, the moment
of their love's deliverance

Somehow they know
beyond a shadow of a doubt
without a thought or care
that this is true
as in innocence
a glow resounds
through the windows of their souls

and they see now
through and through and through
the many layers that they wear
and see them true
within a greater blending
as endlessly, love's tapestry is spun
evolving as we live and move
and breathe, just slowly breathe
love into being

A gently whispered greeting
breaks the stillpoint of his trance
as breathlessly she asks him for a dance
almost sure, yet still aquiver
with inner motion inexplicable
yet in their dance
expression is made real

and crickets serenade then
as we drift into this dream
of loving true
when pleasure doth become
a shining force of pure delight

as we slip and slide along
in child-like interplay
yet now aware
of our own presence
and we come together endlessly
within an ever present
tone of harmony . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
Background by:  Fascination
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