Rising Need

We need
and the universe feeds
our great desire
supplying fuel to stoke the fires
of the heart

We cry
and search inside
for the meaning of our tears
as soul draws near
in silent consolation

We fear
the wrath contained within
when basic format
must begin with this
our own feeling of distress

but not just rushing through our system, no
more like a river running slow and deep
that tries to keep within its shores
a familiar flow we've never known before

never prone to violence
yet willing even providence
to move
for spirit matters
and rises to transcend our every mood

We die to ourselves
to become so much more
than we ever imagined we could
in cycles of an inner revolution

as we feel the love flow through
and evolution must begin with this
a steady flowing stream of our emotion
where love takes form
and life is born

while from the core
each voice must rise
and say with pride
I Am


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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