Roller Coaster Ride

The extraordinary lows and highs
of this emotional roller coaster ride
are almost more than I can bear
with any sense of equilibrium
and I wonder why it is I dare
to ride this ride with you
even just upon occasion
when every other thing you do
ignites these burning memories
of days gone by

Days of joy and pain that followed
one upon another
when in all the world
to you I was the one
and only one
that always/never seemed to matter

yet memories of brighter days
when loving was an interplay
that drew us one unto another
still drift, at times
back to the surface of my mind
arising from the murky depths
that seem to hold you in

and even though I told you that
I never did learn how to swim
still you dip and dive
immersing yourself once again
in depths where even breath
cannot be found
instead of flying high
with me tonight

and so I strive to just let go
of every high and low
and you
and simply drift away . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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