Running Deep Inside

A river runs inside of me
as does the endless sea
and all her tides
no matter where or how
I try to hide
and I feel the pull
of each of those
who dare to enter
the currents running here

Some only dare explore
the shallow waters near the shore
but now and then
I find a friend
(who also seems to be a foe)
who is brave enough to dive
and it is then I feel the most alive
even as it brings me
endless pain amid the thrill of joy

and at times I find
I'm not myself
(who is this self, this I?)
for I become so much
the others who have entered in
yet still some thread remains
within this stream
that rushes through my being
and resonates completely
with the me of me

And I will with all my might
that I survive
the others passing through
and then I sense
(invisible the feel
of all that's real)
the outer being altered
yet it seems
that the inner stays the same
for love remains
the anchor of my being

while through it all I wonder
time and time again
just why and how
I'm meant to be
this river running
deep inside of me


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano, All rights reserved
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