Sacred Glen

Hands play through air
and stardust sprinkles glitter as they glide
within a beam of moonlight bright
dancing and enhancing warm night air
as she moves within a rhythm and a beat
impervious to heat as she becomes
no more than motion

and feels the wind upon her skin
dancing naked in a sacred glen
and even the leaves on the towering trees
can't help but to join in
and then the wind
responding to her movements
of heart and hands and spirit flying free
blows through it all in gusts of clarity
as powers gather to conceive
an alternate reality

where magic demands
to command a new twist
and ancient mysteries arise
in clouds of colored mist
to fill all time with timeless beauty's grace
while every soul that's gone before
is drawn back down in fascination
mesmerized just by the sight
of undulating flesh so bright
it seems the light is born
within her form

and the beat increases then in increments
heading toward the frenzied and the wild
as forest creatures gather round
to watch one form astoundingly alive
twirl and twist as she becomes the beat
and song is born as she repeats
a magic incantation
whispering at first, but then a burst
of twinkling starlit tone becomes aroused

Intensity is building, building
there within the night
as she dances past the peaks
that mind had conquered
while there! a solitary stag
that stood watching her in fascination
suddenly shape-changes into man
and she gestures with the magic in her hands
bidding him to enter there
within the sacred round she had created

A step - he only took one step
and all the worlds opened out to him
here within this sacred glen
and her . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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