Sacred Trust

Can you feel
the uncanny bond between us…?
Unsought, it bleeds and bends
and enters
where we thought we were secure…

It's wrong, they say
to want another's lover
yet somehow, desire still burns

the workings of the heart and mind
weaving evasive thoughts to hide, deny
the pull of destiny

and here we are
together, yet so far apart
smothering the longing
that once set us free

who are we, to worry so
at what the fates so kindly offer

as in a fairy tale told,
the heart's most secret, sacred trust

at once free
and setting free
all that was ever deemed right
between the opposites

while two extremes
transform what was
to what will be…

? Michaelette?

Copyright© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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