Sail on the Wind

Straight into your loving arms
knowing every mood and charm
the hours fly - anticipation
longing turns to inspiration

for greater love exists in time
mine in yours and yours in mine
combine to join the universal
stream of bliss eternal

as we float within the greater flow
the stars outshine the city's glow
while crickets sound out joy and glee
anticipating you and me

the moon drops down to meet the sun
on the other side of world begun
when words were whispered tenderly
of love, of joy, of feeling free

and I would kiss thee tender now
upon your cheek, upon your brow
in ever-living moment of
this infinite and priceless love

to lie against your shoulder dear
to whisper and to hear
the secrets held so long inside
as healing of the world wide

begins within the bond now strong
We rise above the right and wrong
of ordinary interplay
to find the higher way

Hand in hand, we'll walk the wild
heart in heart, so tender, mild
a magic touch of hand on spine
loving beyond time

Beneath the still and starlit sky
confiding how and when and why
the world was born, the gods bow down
before beloved jeweled crown

of universal living love
to know the very feeling of
flesh on flesh in ecstasy
in this whirlwind of fantasy

because we dared to live the dream
the God and Goddess will redeem
the heart of each and every other
born of flesh and time now covered

over by a misty veil
as on the winds, we sail

Copyright 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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