Sands of Time

He railed in madness
against the bonds
he couldn't break

as trails of sadness
ran in muddied rivers
of his veins

for the time had come
yet still he felt to blame
for dreams that died

while tears uncried
exploded somewhere
deep inside

and shadows echoed
in the silence of their last goodbye
in grief unspoken and denied

while he fought the tides
of tears uncried
and madness left unspoken

feeling worn and broken
as if the aftermath of war
ripped and shred and tore

his soul to bits
as he vaguely sought his wit
to see him through

for the future now awaited
the course his path would take
in footsteps yet to be imprinted
upon the sands of time

never noticing
how even footprints faded
as the waves
washed o'er the shores
omitting even his
belief in time . . .


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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