Scent of Roses

A scent of sweet perfume invades the night
as if a million roses opened now
becoming wind to guide our flight
while vibrant hues of crystal glowing
bring an other-worldy light to bear

and silver tints the eyes of innocence
that seek to heal the many wounds of life
by bringing once again a vision
newly born yet ancient as the earth
as if a sweeping grace of open fields
arose within each soul that yields
to powers greater than any one alone
could ever wield

reaching out to touch, to know
each seed that seeks to grow
within a golden glow of dawn arising
as dew becomes a mist awakening
the deeper need of all of life

and golden rays reach through
becoming in the misty dew
rose-colored hues to match this scent
as a touch of love so vast, profound
becomes an aura that surrounds a life
mixing with clear blue of morning sky
to bring rebirth
and yet another morn awakening to light

as each flower breaks through solid ground
to learn to be, just be
and in this being, opening
its center of beauty that all might see
and come to know
the glow of love
that lives in all creation


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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