Secret Shadows

So oft' we spy
the light of love
within another's eyes
How often then
they quickly look away
eve as we feel it fade
within our hearts

as if they thought
that to share it
would mean shame

as love, compassion
heart's desire
pleasures of the flesh
are kept in hidden places
incubating somewhere
in the recesses within

kept separate from
the life they live
and the part of self
they choose to give
to life

as the mask they wear
the roles they play
become the process
of their days and nights
while love remains surreal
an imaginary fantasy
they simply won't allow to be

then they look out there
and feel the fear of strangers
ever growing stronger
and speak of how the world
has gone awry

while all that's best
lies hidden still
within the secret shadows
of their hearts


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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